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The Power of Yes: A Primer For Jumping Consciousness

This book is an antidote to today’s pessimistic news, negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity. Everyone says “be positive:” THE POWER OF YES shows you how to do it. The human mind has a pronounced negative bias which makes negativity natural—whereas positivity has to be learned. This book is filled with simple, practical tools that explain how to use better feeling thoughts and positive actions to transform your life. As Brown says, “Each of us has two lives the one we’re given and the one we create. When you say “yes” to life, life says “yes” to you.”

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Star Quality: Seven Steps to Developing Your Charismatic Power

star quality If the thought of public speaking, being on camera or meeting new people in a room full of strangers makes you nervous, then Star Quality is for you. Internationally renowned media coach, Chris Brown, has over 25 years experience in preparing executives, lawyers, authors, physicians, entertainers and athletes for their speech and media appearances. In this course, Chris shares her secrets for communicating with confidence, grace and power.

Chris Brown's Star Quality: Seven Steps to Developing Your Charismatic Power is a self-paced program designed to help you become your own personal communication coach. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Turn fear and shyness into forces to be reckoned with
  • Transform your nervous energy into an ally
  • Send powerful body signals
  • Speak with authority and passion
  • Convert your inner strength to outer power

Star Quality has been uniquely designed for online use in order to offer you the most exciting and effective learning experience possible. Some of the features include:

  • Easy reference guides to the key ideas of each lesson
  • Regular self-evaluation exercises so you can accurately pinpoint which areas you want to concentrate on the most.
  • Star Quality Role Models to help you understand how others have successfully applied the tools and techniques you are now learning.
  • Audio meditations that give you a real time experience of valuable relaxation and centering techniques.
  • Digital imagery and video clips that illustrate some of the most common ways people unknowingly undermine their presentations, along with examples of ways to present yourself with power and presence.
  • Interactive online and journal activities that will help you personalize and strengthen your Star Quality.
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YES Coaching

We started YES coaching over 20 years ago at On Camera. As we became expert in media and speech training, we learned how to coach our clients not only to optimize their presentation skills, but also to position their key messages for the greatest positive impact.

YES Coaching Services focus on showing our clients how to harness the positive power they need to accomplish their personal and business ambitions. We do this by introducing the concept of an Affirmative World where each of us can learn to activate and use the positive advantage of YES. By learning how to develop positively charged electrical energy we call, the Mind of YES, both your mind and emotions become more affirmative, and you create new YES-like positive feelings.

The Intuitive YES and the Boundary No all support you in developing the Positive Force of YES.

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YES Workshops

YES has the power to transform your life by laying down forward moving tracks so you can attract good things quickly. Strengthening your YES muscle helps you begin to see things in a positive light, then, you can lean back and watch life effortlessly expanding into a world of unlim- ited possibilities.

YES Cyber-Course


Say, "YES!" to Your Life Work

YES is a power word and it will change your life. It is a declaration, a statement of agreement in the eternal dialogue between you and the heart of life. When you experience this YES in motion, it is a signal that your heart, mind and body are at once perfectly aligned, leading you towards your greatest experiences of joy.

The word YES rises from the core of your being. Its voice begins as a soft whisper, so full of joy and potentiality that it cannot be mistaken for anything else. You may suddenly feel like a child again, full of inspiration and excitement.

When you trust enough to follow where YES leads, you begin experiencing life as supportive and peaceful, as a magnificent harmony and a magical adventure.

"Say, 'YES!' to Your Life Work" is a course of study based on exactly these premises. This program is designed specifically to address your career, and aims to impart a knowingness that the perfect Life Work is already available and waiting for you to simply say, YES!